"Casual sexism, in a nutshell, is the “casual” and nonchalant use of sexist and misogynist language and rhetoric in everyday settings. Casual sexism can happen anywhere, and can creep up on any woman even in the most seemingly innocent situation. It comes not simply from the angry talk radio host foaming at the mouth about contraception, or from the “Men’s Rights Activist” on an angrier part of Reddit, but from our teachers, our friends, our siblings, our fathers. Casual sexism is insidious, not simply because what is being said is misogynistic or harmful, but because the people saying it are often doing so with absolutely no intention of doing any harm. Even if they realize the harmful nature of their comments, others may not, and it still becomes difficult to defend against casual sexism without being told that one is “overreacting.”"

“I Once Had a Guy Tell Me”: How Often Do You Deal With Misogyny?

(via feminspire)